Fans are amped after VidCon announces 2016 conference dates


Online content creators and fans are already marking their calendars for the seventh annual VidCon.

Organizers behind the popular three-day digital content conference announced Wednesday that next year's event will take place June 23-25 at the Anaheim Convention Center

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Big news, people! VidCon 2016 will be June 23-25, and tickets are on sale NOW!

— VidCon (@VidCon) November 3, 2015

The annual conference, co-created by YouTubers Hank Green and his brother John (author of the book The Fault in Our Stars), has become the go-to gathering for industry executives, video content creators and their fans Read more...

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7-Eleven in Australia ridiculed for inconsiderate Facebook meme


Australia's 7-Eleven isn't in a good place right now

The convenience store and petrol station chain posted a meme to their Facebook page in an attempt to connect with the young'uns and it really blew up in their face, according to Fairfax Media.

The meme in question is a photo of someone being treated to a lovely dinner outside a 7-Eleven store, with a Slurpee and donut as the main course. The caption reads, "When pay day hasn't come but you want to spoil bae..." which, following the reaction to it, could nab the coveted award for Best Way to Get Yourself Fired for 2015. Read more...

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Google Maps For iOS Finally Gets Spoken Traffic Alerts

9888bfbf-058b-49bd-ae36-98336764c5e9 Google Maps for iOS got a seemingly small, but extremely helpful feature today in an update. Starting today, you’ll now get spoken traffic alerts while navigating. The app will tell you about accidents, traffic congestion or other incidents (like police in the area) for your route before you start driving. If this sounds familiar, it definitely seems like Google is pulling out some… Read More

Remember When Google Tried To Start Uber In May 2005?

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.48.51 PM The internet is a wonderful thing. It’s a place for new and fresh ideas, forums for people to discuss them. And well, ways to find ones that had been dropped. One idea that was dropped was Google’s attempt to start what sounds a whole lot like Lyft and Uber. The project was called “Google Ride Finder” and it was announced on May 31st, 2005. It got a little bit of… Read More

Twitter Launches A Political Transparency Page

twitter-politics Twitter rolled out new page aimed at disclosing where the company stands on critical policy issues to users and Twitter’s political endeavors – including donations and Twitters’ PAC involvement. The social networking platform has strengthened its policy division in the last year, adding former FCC staffer Colin Crowell to a list of employees with a D.C. Read More

Facebook now draws 1 billion daily active users


Facebook has been just destroying expectations for its ad business recently. It finally showed some signs of slowing in the third quarter of 2015, but not many.

Doesn't matter that much to investors, who just sent Facebook shares to an all-time high.

Facebook reported earnings on Wednesday that included less profit than had been expected at $0.52 per share, but $4.5 billion in sales, besting estimates

"We had a good quarter and got a lot done," said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, in the earnings release. "We're focused on innovating and investing for the long term to serve our community and connect the entire world." Read more...

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Understanding Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO
Real Estate SEO

Internet Marketing

In the competitive world of real estate, getting noticed is sometimes harder than the actual sale. One of the best ways to get noticed and land those sales you need is by using the internet. One such process would be to use SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is often done through the use of keywords, these keywords can be included in advertisements, reviews and more. Search engines will then link you and your business to these keywords, giving you a higher chance of getting noticed by potential customers. SEO for real estate agents should be focused upon a few keywords that work to lead possible clients to your website. Examples of such keywords include:

– Real estate agent in [your location]
– Homes/Houses/Condos/Apartments in [your location]
– Experienced real estate agent/broker

Real estate SEO regularly involves long-tail keywords. These keywords are short sentences in essence, such as shown above. They serve the same purpose as shorter keywords but provide more information. This allows search results to be narrowed down, which gives you a better chance of showing up more frequently in search results. SEO is a great way to drive visitors to your website. Most (if not all) businesses use SEO to help create a pool of potential clients.

Choosing Keywords for Real Estate SEO

You should always choose keywords that describe what you do and your business. For example, if you are a real estate agent in Miami, one of your SEO keywords could be “real estate agent Miami.” This would narrow the results down and give your website a better chance of being noticed by search engine users. For SEO to work properly, you should establish the correct accounts and have your own website or blog that search engines and other websites can link to. You’ll want to use certain words in your website that search engines could use when a potential customer searches for your services. For instance, if you include the words “real estate agent in Florida” alongside high-quality and meaningful content, search engines are more likely to show your website when someone searches for those keywords.

SEO for real estate agents is often a much needed way to stand a chance within the industry. For SEO to work consistently, you must continuously produce content that uses said keywords. Search engines prefer fresh content, so if your website does not regularly upload new content, search engines will begin to feature other, fresher content. An active website is more likely to get more hits than one that hasn’t been updated in months.

Search engine optimization is a wonderful tool when used correctly, and helps millions of businesses from all over the world receive the recognition they need to become and remain successful. There are many services that can help you begin using SEO correctly, though it’s also possible to learn the process on your own. Always choose the correct keywords that suit your businesses, and ensure that content using these keywords is of high quality at its core, otherwise your results may be ignored, or worse, removed. Patience is key. SEO takes time to begin working, but once it does, it’s definitely worth all of the time you invest in it. Get started using SEO today, and watch as new clients begin to roll in.

By coordinating and aligning all of your local and online marketing efforts, we are able to guarantee that you will be ‘head-over-heels’ in love with our internet marketing services, which include SEO for real estate agents! No matter where you are now, our strategies will take your real estate SEO to the next level. WE BACK IT UP WITH A 100% NO WIGGLE-ROOM GUARANTEE! If we do not EXCEED your expectations in the first 180 days of service, FIRE US! And we will return everything the way that it was before we started and REFUND 100% of your setup fees! Schedule a free marketing audit and let us put it all together so you don’t have to!

Google Drive Apps Get Sharing Notifications, Access Requests And Previews

group_sharing Google Drive for iOS and Android has becoming pretty important for me. Whether I’m taking notes or writing up a post, I’ve used it to share my docs with colleagues from the road. Today, the team announced a few new features to help speed up sharing and collaboration, which if you’re not on your desktop can seem slow at times. Yeah, Google Drive sends share requests and… Read More

Google Says Over 19K Organizations Are Now Testing Or Using Android For Work

android-work Google today announced that over 19,000 organizations are now either testing, deploying or using its Android for Work service. Android for Work makes it easier and safer for businesses to allow their employees to bring their own Android devices to work. Read More

Google Calendar Is Down, Feel Free To Be Late For Your Meetings

google-calendar-down Google Calendar is having issues this morning, so if you don’t know what meetings you have and where you are supposed to be, you’re not alone. As far as we can see, the outage started sometime around 8:15am Pacific this morning and Google acknowledged it shortly after that. It seems like Calendar is down completely for quite a large number of users, but in my own experience, the… Read More
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