These 11 Ads Are So Good, You’ll Forget They’re Ads

watching_tv_(blog)Today, promotional messages try to reach us pretty much 24/7. As we move about our lives, marketers and advertisers are constantly fighting for our attention -- and because of that, we've become pretty intolerant of interruptive promotional messages. [Read more...]

Bing Looks Abroad

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 5.10.58 PM Microsoft is working to expand Bing’s international footprint. A job posting, spotted by Neowin, speaks plainly: “Bing is embarking on the most ambitious geographic and product expansion in its history.” Well then. Microsoft hasn’t taken down the listing, so it’s likely not too concerned about having its plans aired publicly. What this signifies is that Microsoft… Read More

Google Invests $50 Million In “Made With Code” Program To Get Girls Excited About CS

Screenshot 2014-06-22 15.12.01 This week, Google launched a new initiative called Made With Code, aimed at getting young women excited about learning to code and close the gender gap in the tech industry. The idea behind it is to show young girls that the things they love, from apps on their smartphones to their favorite movies are made with code, and they can apply the skills they learn to their own individual passions. Read More

What Do Introverts, Content Marketers, and Pinners Have in Common?

virality-(blog)... They really liked the following posts from HubSpot this week. Our most shared content includes posts about social media, email, content marketing, leadership, and virality.

Below are the five posts from this week that received the greatest number of social shares. Take a few minutes to catch up on anything you've missed. [Read more...]

Will Google Enter The Insurance Industry?

shutterstock_169895795 When it comes to collecting and organizing information, Google is well on its way to establishing its hegemony through the registration of 6 billion daily unique searches and indexing of over 50 billion web pages (2013). What remains to be seen is how this information is being made universally accessible and at what price. One of the industries that has particular advantage of access to the… Read More

Google May Buy Video Search Startup Baarzo

baarzo Google has been in talks to acquire video search startup Baarzo, according to sources with knowledge of the company. However, those sources were less clear about whether the companies had reached a final agreement. (One suggested that the deal had closed, the other was noncommittal.) The companies both declined to comment, Google offering its standard note: “We don’t comment on… Read More

10 Things Vin Diesel Is Bigger Than


We all know how big Vin Diesel is — muscularly-speaking.

But the actor's muscles are nothing in comparison to his gigantic presence on Facebook.

With 78.8 million Likes and counting, the Fast and Furious star is the eighth most-liked page on the massive social network, according to InsideFacebook. While we're big fans of Diesel's work as an action star, we can't be alone in thinking, "Wait, what?"

Diesel's status as a Like-monster might not surprise many of you, who, statistically speaking, probably like him already. But it surprises us. To grasp how crazy this is, consider what pages Vin Diesel is bigger than Read more...

More about Facebook, Entertainment, Lists, Vin Diesel, and Facebook Fans

The Social Media Shootout: How Brands Are Reaching Fans During the World Cup [Infographic]

World-cup-infographic-300-1Nowadays, sports fans from around the world look to Twitter and Facebook for sports banter and live updates rather than typical online news outlets. Social media plays a huge part in where we get our sports news, how we connect with other fans, and how we interact with our favorite (and least favorite) sports teams and athletes.

[Read more...]

Wanted: Egyptian Police on the Hunt for Sophisticated Surveillance Tool


Egyptian police are looking to develop social media-monitoring software that experts say would be the first to understand multiple forms of written Arabic, and allow government officials to profile any user.

Experts told Mashable this system, first reported on June 2, would be the first to combine proficiency in colloquial as well as Romanized Arabic with the ability to zero in on specific government targets. Egyptian officials would be able to identify and analyze everything from patterns of extremist speech to people "spreading hoaxes and claims of miracles," and would also be able to profile the social networks of people who officials want to investigate Read more...

More about Censorship, Social Media, Arabic, Police, and Egypt

The Definition of CAC [In Under 100 Words]

calculate_CAC_(blog)CAC stands for customer acquisition cost -- it's a metric your CEO obsesses over.

In other words, your CAC is the total sales and marketing cost required to acquire a new customer over a given time period. That time period could be a week, a month, a quarter, or even a year.  [Read more...]
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