Google Updates Play Games With Improved Player Analytics

IMG_9981 Google Play Games, Google’s cloud-based platform for game developers, got a number of updates at the company’s annual I/O developer conference today that should make the life of game developers a little bit easier. Play Games, which launched at I/O two years ago, will now offer developers a far easier way to get data about a game’s player, making it easier for developers… Read More

How law firms use Facebook and other data to track down medical victims


For ambulance chasers, persistence and a phone book just don’t cut it anymore. Law firms, which once relied on television commercials, billboards, and cold calling numbers in the white pages to find plaintiffs for medical lawsuits, have begun to embrace technology. To locate their ideal pharma victims more quickly and at lower costs, they're using data compiled from Facebook, marketing firms, and public sources, with help from digital bounty hunters like Tim Burd.

Burd is a devoted practitioner of the art of sales. His Skype username begins with the phrase made famous by Glengarry Glen Ross, a play about desperate real estate salesmen: “Always be closing.” Read more...

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How a Local Internet Marketing Company Can Boost Exposure in Your Area

The importance of internet marketing is certainly on the rise with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Part of internet marketing is utilizing the various local business directories to ensure that potential clients in your local area are well aware of the products or services you provide. Though broad-minded web-based marketing is crucial, search engines have evolved to take location into consideration when calculating search results. For instance, a business owner living in Florida cannot use SEO terms that involve areas of California; because search engines can recognize that the business owner’s location is in Florida, using “California” in your keywords will do little good, if any. A few SEO workarounds exist for businesses that operate in multiple geographic locations, but they are often complex and vary based on multiple factors. Search engines often assume that your business operates locally, which affects your ranking on search engines. With this in mind, it becomes clear that your business should incorporate local business directories into your SEO strategy in order to maximize exposure within a local area.

Defining Local Business Directories

A business directory is a web-based service that lists relevant information regarding businesses within a specific category. Directories are usually categorized based on industry, geographic location, business activity, or the size of the business, though geographic location is most commonly used. Local business directories allow potential clients to view businesses in their area that are ready to serve their needs. A local internet marketing company can assist you in making sure that your business maintains a solid presence within major directories, such as Yahoo!, Yelp, CitySearch, and Some search engines also operate business directories and incorporate them into their search results, such as Google and Bing, providing another reason why local business directories are critical to successful SEO. Other local business directories are useful only for certain types of businesses, such as Avvo, which provides business directory services that pertain to the legal industry.

Reputation Management

Many business directories, such as Yelp, give consumers the opportunity to leave feedback regarding your business and the services provided. If your business has truly made a mistake and a previous client writes about it on the internet, there are a few things to consider. If you are able to improve the situation, sincerely apologize to the client and attempt to solve the issue as quickly as you can; the situation may turn from negative to positive based on your willingness and ability to fix what is perceived by the client as a wrongdoing committed by your business. However, if you cannot reasonably solve the problem, a genuine apology is in order, though you should not waste any time trying to fix a problem that cannot be solved. You should never argue with anyone providing feedback regarding your business; this is extremely unprofessional and will only lower your company’s reputation. This bit of advice might seem like common sense, but it is very easy to confuse tones of communication while using the internet. When replying to feedback, be aware of your message and remain respectful. Responding to each and every piece of feedback can be time-consuming, especially if your business is popular. Reputation management is one of the many services a local internet marketing company can provide and should certainly be considered by business owners who need to generate more business exposure but don’t have to time or ability to do so.

By coordinating and aligning all of your local and online marketing efforts, we are able to guarantee that you will be ‘head-over-heels’ in love with our services – including professional and effective management of local business directories! No matter where you are now, our local internet marketing company will take your business to the next level. WE BACK IT UP WITH A 100% NO WIGGLE-ROOM GUARANTEE! If we do not EXCEED your expectations in the first 30 days of service, FIRE US! And we will return everything the way that it was before we started and REFUND 100% of your first month’s fee! Schedule a free website analysis and let us put it all together so you don’t have to!

Google Play Gets More Family-Friendly With Content Ratings, Filtering By Age And Interest

google-io-20150274 In April, Google announced a new developer-facing program called “Designed for Families” which allowed mobile app publishers the option to undergo an additional review in order to be included in a new section focused on kids’ apps within Google Play. Today, that section — or sections, as it turns out — is being officially unveiled. Parents searching… Read More

Chromecast Gets Autoplay, Queuing, Second Screen And Multiplayer Game Powers

Driver Speedboat  Paradise Google’s Chromecast is a quiet little media secret agent turning the search giant into a big time home entertainment player. All told, users of Cast-enabled software have hit the little button to put their small-screen content up on the big screen a total of 1.5 billion times in the U.S. alone, and Chromecast floats other Google boats, too – users increase their YouTube viewing time… Read More

Google Launches Easier-To-Use App Install Analytics For Android Developers

DSC00003 Google today announced that it has worked with 20 advertising partners to bring its app install analytics in Google Analytics to iOS developers. To enable this functionality, Google worked with partners like inMobi and Millennial Media to set up an open tracking system that allows developers to track the success of their app install ads and the lifetime value of the users they acquired… Read More

Google Launches ‘Expeditions,’ An App For Shared Virtual School Field Trips

google-io-20150285 Google is focusing its VR efforts on bringing the variety of the wider real world closer to more people, and its new Expeditions app for virtual field trips is no exception. The app is aimed at giving students the ability to travel to places they otherwise might not had the opportunity to reach. Expeditions ships as a kit that provides classes with everything they need to take a synced trip… Read More

Google’s New Cardboard VR Kit Supports Phones With Up To 6″ Screens

google-io-20150283 Google didn’t go crazy and build a brand new Cardboard VR set for I/O this year as was rumored – but it did modify the original version with tweaks designed to fit the needs of the contemporary smartphone market. The Cardboard VR kit, which is still indeed made of cardboard, now supports phones with displays up to 6-inches in diameter, meaning it will work with the Nexus 6, among… Read More

Google Has Shipped Over 1 Million Cardboard VR Units

google-io-20150282 Google revealed today that Cardboard has quietly become the leading VR platform in terms of platform reach – over 1 million Cardboard units have shipped out to users so far, a 100 percent increase on the 500,000 milestone it announced in December of last year. Cardboard’s progression is a testament to Google’s approach, which favors simplicity and low barriers to entry… Read More

GoPro Built This Epic 16-Camera Array To Capture VR Content For Google

gopro The 360 Degree Camera Array aims to capture the world for virtual reality. The rig holds 16 Hero4 cameras and records a 360 degree panoramic video — think like the Matrix’s bullet time but outward facing. But you can’t buy it yet. For the first six months rigs like these will be available exclusively to Google content creators. As the video shows below the recorded video… Read More
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