The Dog Ate Our Homework, Google Drive Is Down

harddrives OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. If you’ve noticed that Google Drive and all of the apps that save to it are acting a bit shaky today, you’re not alone. Google updated their Apps status page to show that the company is looking into reported issues. It’s showing up as a “service disruption” so nothing is down completely. But nothing is loading either. What do you mean… Read More

Alphabet Now Owns

Google Alphabet blocks Since it couldn’t buy or, Google Alphabet has acquired the next best thing. Google announced the structural changes that led to Alphabet back in August, and it just became official. There’s nothing there right now, but Google sure does own it (the record was updated on 10/7/15): According to the completely worthless and… Read More

A guy got locked inside an LA Fitness and lived to tell the tale


It seems like those health nuts out there can never seem to leave the gym — however, it's totally possible that they have no choice.

Nicholas Clayton of Clearwater, Florida was simply enjoying a nice, relaxing sauna after his workout at the local LA Fitness, when he discovered that the gym had accidentally locked him inside the facility after closing time at 5 p.m.

Clayton documented his astonishment in a video on Facebook, which he also uploaded to YouTube. "What LA Fitness closes at 5 o’ clock?” he says in the short video.

So, craziest thing of my life is taking place right this minute. I'VE BEEN LOCKED IN THE LA FITNESS! Was in the sauna with headphones. Came out. Everyone has gone home. #help #LAFitness #baffled

Posted by Nicholas Clayton on Saturday, August 22, 2015 Read more...

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America, these cowboy boot sandals are now our official shoe


Gaze upon the cowboy boot sandals and weep, America.

For anyone out there who loves their cowboy boots but can't stand the summer heat, you can now give your shoes to a cobbler in Missouri who will turn them into ultimate accessory.

Boot Sandals! We are getting alot of phone calls, emails and text today about the boot sandals and YES we are the...

Posted by Redneck Boot Sandals on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Read more...

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Searching For The N Word On Google Maps Pulls Up The White House And Other Minority Institutions

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.58.02 AM Searching for racist keywords brings up things like the White House and other historically black institutions in Google Maps. The Huffington Post and other media outlets reported yesterday that typing in “nigga house” in Google Maps sends users to the White House. However, searching for “n***** king” also leads to the White House and typing in “n*****” or… Read More

Today, in NOPE: It’s raining spiders


Some people cringe at the mere thought of spiders, and those people should just watch this dog play Cops and Robbers instead

Despite many people's fears, this terrifying video uploaded to Facebook by Mikel Maas from Mexico City has gone viral in the past week. The clip shows a swarm of spiders completely take over a shed, even falling from the ceiling because there are so many crawling over each other

Since the video was uploaded to Maas' Facebook page on March 4 it has raked in over 16 million views and 324,000 shares

We apologize if this has ruined anyones spring break plans in Mexico Read more...

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Spanish Newspapers Want Google News Back

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 1.49.53 PM The Internet is like a delicate rainforest ecosystem. You remove one player and the rest suffer and die. That happened in Spain this week when the government there began cracking down on Google. The Spanish government is requiring the company to pay Spanish news providers every time their content appears on the site. The search giant shut down Google News there in response and no content is… Read More

Google Inbox Invite Hits eBay

inbox-feature On a scale from one to ten, how desperate are you to try out Google’s new Inbox app? Would you pay for it? eBay user bpatel90, who has listed the invite on the online auction platform, will sell you an invite right now for around $50. Google’s Inbox is a newly announced mobile app that is meant to totally replace the way you used to deal with your email. It was released as a… Read More

Play With Google’s Psychedelic New Interactive Music Video Cube

Google Cube It’s called The Cube, and it’s a trip. Built by Google Creative Labs as “an experimental platform for interactive storytelling”, The Cube is an in-browser manipulateable 3-D box with a different video and audio track on each face. It debuted online today with indie dance band The Presets’ new single “No Fun”. You decide what to watch and hear by… Read More

Google Destroys Rap Genius’ Search Rankings As Punishment For SEO Spam, But Resolution In Progress

Goolge Vs Rap Genius

Google hit back hard today after it learned lyrics site Rap Genius had been using dubious SEO tricks to attain top spots in search results. Now doesn’t appear on the first page of results for a search of “Rap Genius”, and popular queries like “Jay-Z Holy Grail Lyrics” don’t bring up the startup like they used to. [Update: But the two companies are working on a resolution.]

Founded in 2009, Rap Genius is a lyrics and text annotation site. It lets users provide their own explanations for song lyrics, religious texts, legal documents, images, and more that other users see when they hover over snippets of text hosted on the site. The startup lept into the limelight when it received a massive $15 million investment led by Andreessen Horowitz in late 2012.

Known for their foul-mouths and outrageous behavior, the Rap Genius founders had been riding high over the last year as their site climbed into prominent and lucrative slots in Google search results. For a sense of how ridiculous these guys are, check out our on-stage talk at TechCrunch Disrupt NY where founder Mahbod Moghadam apologizes for telling Mark Zuckerberg to “suck his d*ck”.

But earlier this week, Rap Genius invited bloggers to join its “Rap Genius Blog Affiliate” program. John Marbach, the founder of email filtering startup Glider, emailed in asking for details, and Rap Genius offerered to tweet links to his blog in exchange for him placing a series of links to Rap Genius’ Justin Bieber lyrics on his blog. The links were designed to trick Google into giving Rap Genius better result rankings on searches for lyrics to songs from Bieber’s new album — sure to a be popular searches this season.


Marbach then revealed Rap Genius’ unscrupulous tactics by publishing the email it sent him in a widely read blog post, prompting Google’s webspam czar Matt Cutts to announce “We’re investigating this now” on Hacker News. Rap Genius apologized in an open letter to Google, asking for the enter lyrics site category to be examined, implying shady SEO tactics were common amongst its competitors.

Rap Genius Search Results

That apology doesn’t seem to have gotten it very far, as Google this morning practically swept Rap Genius out of its search results. Previously, Rap Genius was appearing at the top or close to the top of search results for queries of popular rap songs and the word “lyrics”, for example “Kanye West Flashing Lights Lyrics“. It would even sometime appear high in simple searches for artist and song names.

Now, you won’t find Rap Genius for that query until the fifth page of results, likely further than anyone would look. For evidence of how serious the punshment is, adding “Rap Genius” to the end of that query actually makes Rap Genius appear even deeper down the results on the sixth page.

And just to make sure it was clear, Google banished to the bottom of the sixth page of results of searches for “Rap Genius”.

Becoming practically unsearchable could be a huge hit to Rap Genius’ business, which depends on Google search referral traffic. Without that traffic, it will be much harder to grow its user base, collect new annotations, and potentially monetize with ads down the road.

Whether Google’s reaction was too tough is a matter of opinion. Gaming search results with spammy SEO tactics is certainly deplorable, but wiping Rap Genius off of top result pages for queries that include its own name is pretty harsh. Whether the startup deserves it or should get a lighter punishment depends on your perspective regarding the sanctity of Google search results. We’re awaiting a response from the Rap Genius founders, and have been promised a statement shortly.

Update: Rap Genius’ founders have provided this statement, indicating they’re working with Google on being returned to better search result rankings:

“We are working with Google right now to resolve this. They’ve been really great, helping us identify changes we need to make, even on Christmas. We’re working on it as fast as we can, and expect to be back on Google very soon.

It sucks to be off Google for us and for the thousands of our community members who have worked so hard to create what’s often the best search result.

We hope everyone who reads this will take a little time out from their Christmas and head to Rap Genius and sign up so you can contribute your knowledge on your favorite subjects – becoming a member of our community makes the site way more fun. Merry Christmas”

Looks like Rap Genius and Google might come to some compromise where Google restores at least some of the startup’s search result ranking juice in exchange for it cleaning up its act. We’ll have more details on the outcome of the talks as soon as possible and are awaiting a response from Google.

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