Star Wars Dips Into Virtual Reality With “Jakku Spy,” Created In Parallel With The Force Awakens

ATFW_Cardboard Press Image (1) The Star Wars marketing blitz is on, with everything from trailers hitting the internet to cans of food donning the likeness of characters at the supermarket. ridiculous, this is. — Yoda (@yoda) September 5, 2015 People are flat out excited to see this new installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, on December 18th. To feed that excitement, the official… Read More

Google, Facebook, Yahoo And Verizon (And Comcast, AT&T And Twitter) Have Chosen Their New Battleground

risk There’s a coming scrum that will involve all the major Internet giants, and the stakes are just being set now. It’s a fight for video footprint; specifically for off-network video distribution and monetization. And it has heated up significantly over the past year, driven by a handful of expensive acquisitions and internal build-outs. Read More

AdMobilize And Verizon Partner To Monitor Ads In The Real World

Get-Real-AdMobilize¹s-AdBeacon-2.0-to-Track-Offline-Advertising-Asset-Performance-in-Real-Time AdMobilize, a new monitoring and tracking technology that measures attention and traffic in stores and for outdoor advertising, is partnering with Verizon* to add 3G connectivity to its outdoor beacons. Read More

Google Launches Android M Preview With Fingerprint Scanner Support, Android Pay, Improved Permissions And Battery Life

google-io-20150113 As expected, Google today announced the developer preview release of the next version of Android at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco. With Android M (which will get its full name once it’s released to users), Google focuses mostly on fit and finish, but the company also added a number of new features to its mobile operating system. It’s no surprise that Android M… Read More

Why you shouldn’t fear self-driving cars


A recent Associated Press report about accidents involving self-driving cars sent panic waves throughout the tech world, but the report had some issues, to say the least

In light of the ensuing debate, we looked at why you should trust the future of self-driving cars on the latest episode of MashTalk. Plus, we look at the Verizon-AOL deal and Facebook's Instant Articles

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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Google, Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian Donate $1.75M To Tech Training Non-Profit Coalition For Queens

coalition-queens The truism about tech’s lack of diversity is that it’s a “pipeline” problem. At least that’s what tech leaders and companies often say when questioned about why their ranks aren’t inclusive enough. Is it an honest answer? Kind of. Does it also shove responsibility for fixing the problem onto everyone else? Yes. How do you fix it? It’s not easy,… Read More

Zombie cookie: The tracking cookie that you can’t kill


An online advertising clearinghouse relied on by Google, Yahoo and Facebook is using controversial cookies that come back from the dead to track the web surfing of Verizon customers.

The company, called Turn, is taking advantage of a hidden un-deletable number that Verizon uses to monitor customers’ habits on their smartphones and tablets. Turn uses the Verizon number to re-spawn tracking cookies that users have deleted.

“We are trying to use the most persistent identifier that we can in order to do what we do,” Max Ochoa, Turn’s chief privacy officer, told ProPublica Read more...

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Hands On With The Motorola Droid Turbo From Verizon

DROID Turbo Ballistic Nylon Apps The latest Droid device is fully unveiled, and it’s truly a beast of a device. The most prominent and highlighted feature of the phone, it’s ability to charge quickly and last for up to 48 hours, is hard to test properly in a matter of hours. However, the look, feel, and general build of the device is already making an impression on me. Read More

Verizon Confirms It Will Reconnect Data Plans For Chromebook Pixel Owners

chromebook-pixel You’ve probably been following the news that some owners of the Google Chromebook Pixel who bought a two-year data plan with their devices had been stiffed. According to a number of complaints, users were greeted with a cancelled account screen when they tried to connect via Verizon’s data network and no one was quite certain what was going on. Read More

Motorola Clears The Pipes With New Verizon Droids – Time For The Google Era To Begin In Earnest


Motorola released a trio of devices today at a special press event for its line of Verizon phones in New York City. The company showed off phones that in many ways resembled their Droid devices of the past, and these keep the Droid branding, too. They’re looking mostly like successors to Razr devices, but with tweaks that could signal what we’ll see now that Google is more directly taking the reins at the company.

The new Droids likely represent the last vestiges of Motorola’s pre- Google acquisition product pipeline, which Google has said repeatedly needed to be worked through before it could get to the devices Google was planning to build with its new hardware division. But it’s not all “out with the old” – there are a few new noteworthy tricks up Motorola’s sleeve with these Droids, and these could be signs of what’s next for the company as Google’s in-house Android device maker.

Chief among those is the Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System, a new 8-core system-on-a-chip that Motorola is customizing based on a Qualcomm processor, instead of just using a standard design. Consider these Motorola Droids both a closing and an opening act, then, ejecting all the dross that’s left over from the company’s previous life, and bringing in the kernel of the new.

The Droid is being promoted with the pomp and circumstance of a flagship line of devices, but it’s key that this is a Verizon event – this is likely a commitment made to Verizon by Motorola long before Google got involved. Don’t expect the Droids to come anywhere close to playing in the same ballpark with Samsung’s Galaxy devices, or maybe even the HTC One. But these Droid devices are definitely worth watching if only for the X8 eight-core mobile SoC, and the features that come with them.

The X8 chip allows touchless control for hands-free operation, an active display that selectively lights up to display just notifications and other features previously leaked in a Moto X demo. The Kevlar involved is also something that the Droids share in common with the Moto X, but I don’t think we’ll see the X as just a rebranded Droid when it’s unveiled next week. For one, they share the Moto X’s patriotic place of manufacturing origin, but without any further details there’s little else to draw on for comparison.

Motorola once had brand leverage through trade names like “Droid” and “Razr” (the latter of which has been notably dropped here) but in recent years those brands haven’t meant much next to more successful rivals like Samsung. X is the future of the brand, and we’ll likely see differences between those devices and the past highlighted over potential similarities

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