Marketing Trivia: How Much Random Marketing Knowledge Do You Have?

Marketing_Trivia_Questions.jpgThink fast: Do you know what the Twitter logo is named after, or what animal species was featured in the first ever Instagram post?

Too easy? Okay, smarty pants, how about this one: In 2010, Google released an update to its algorithm called ____ that makes sure its search results are up to date with current events?

Here at HubSpot, we love marketing and we love trivia. This probably stems from the fact that we also love learning new things and challenging ourselves. Either way, we've decided to put together some fun questions designed to test your marketing trivia knowledge.

Check 'em out below.

Share your favorite marketing-themed trivia with us in the comments -- we can't wait to get stumped.

Play Inbound Speed Round, a marketing trivia game by HubSpot Academy.

RCS, Google’s answer to iMessage, expands to 27 more carriers and OEMs

qqhmuifuvts89t45mkhogxxmq60lmcr8aq6l-onm2snzo8c0mhmg5p5kudt9ygrwsgsu_ws2048 While messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and WeChat rake in ever more users, features and relationships with key brands, and Apple’s iMessage continues to play strong with iPhone users, Google today announced a big step forward in its own strategy to bring a native, enhanced, native messaging service to more Android devices — a play for Google to help carriers… Read More

Crunch Report | DeviantArt Acquired by Wix

DevianArt gets acquired by Wix, AirMap raises $26 million, Airbnb buys Tilt, Google releases perspective for comment toxicity rating and more. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Crunch Report | DeviantArt Acquired by Wix

DevianArt gets acquired by Wix, AirMap raises $26 million, Airbnb buys Tilt, Google releases perspective for comment toxicity rating and more. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Facebook’s new emoji are finally available to everyone


No longer a company that prioritizes moving fast and breaking things, Facebook has finally finished rolling out new emoji across its desktop and mobile sites. 

Those of you excitedly awaiting the latest rendition of that instant classic, Man in Business Suit Levitating, need wait no longerEmojipedia reports that all users of Facebook's website now have access to the entire new set of emoji designs. 

That's right: Your ghosts, thinking faces, and drooling faces all have a fresh look. 

The company began rolling out the update in stages starting in September of last year. So far, only users of the website have access to the full range of emoji. People using Facebook's mobile apps will have to wait at least a little longer to bask in the glory that is the mean-mugging deerRead more...

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Google’s iOS Keyboard gets the one feature it really lacked: voice typing

voice I really like Gboard. It’s been my primary iOS keyboard since Google launched it back in May of 2016, and it’s pretty much the only third party iOS keyboard that I’ve stuck with for more than a week. But it was missing one glaring feature that iOS’ own keyboard has offered for years: voice transcription. Not anymore! Google shipped an update to Gboard this morning… Read More

Facebook will give you a chance to fly your own flag in your profile pic


Facebook just added almost 200 national flags to its Profile Frames feature, giving users an extra chance share their national pride with all their friends—or just make everyone quickly scrolling through their feeds double-check if their phone screen has a smudge when the flags fly past.    

The small flags, which appear at the top corner of profile pictures, don't make much of a statement beyond "hey, here's where I'm from" adding to Facebook's list of photo frames that allow users visually pledge allegiance to their favorite sports teams or social causes (think back to the much more affecting and ubiquitous marriage equality and Paris frames that filled newsfeeds in 2015).     Read more...

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Security researchers announce “first practical” SHA-1 collision attack

shattered Security researchers at the CWI institute in Amsterdam working with a team from Google Research say they have found a faster way to compromise the SHA-1 hash algorithm — announcing what they describe as “the first practical technique for generating a SHA-1 collision” in a blog post today. Read More

Google’s new project aims to clean up comment sections

universal-chat-bot If you read stuff on the internet (and obviously you do because hi, you’re reading a blog) then you know the golden rule: never read the comments. Scrolling past the end of a story is an adventure into a realm of racism, conspiracy theories and ad hominem attacks that will quickly make you lose your faith in humanity. But instead of encountering Godwin’s Law in the comments, you… Read More

How can Uber overcome the sexism in its company culture?


Welcome back to another week of MashTalk. On this week's podcast, the Mashable tech team chats about Uber's sexism in the workplace problems, Instagram's new albums feature, and the latest Apple rumors.

As always, MashTalk is hosted by Tech Editor Pete Pachal with commentary from Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff and Senior Tech Correspondent Raymond Wong. 

To tell us all about Uber's nightmare situation (1:36), we brought in our special guest, Business Editor Jason Abbruzzese.

Uber's wild ride

If you haven't kept up with the Uber saga, here's the lowdown: Former Uber engineer Susan J. Fowler penned a harrowing essay about sexism and inept HR practices at the ride-sharing giant. In it, she shares details of sexual harassment and corporate negligence that reads like something out of a TV drama.  Read more...

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