Crunch Report | Elon Musk Wants To Make Infrastructure Great Again

Legendary Pokémon come to Pokémon GO, Elon Musk says he has verbal OK to build tunnel on the East Coast, YouTube Live launches in 10 more markets and Intel launches deep learning on a stick with Movidius technology. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

Man’s commentary of a NY train giving zero f*cks about people is comedy gold


Ozzy Man Reviews is a Youtube channel known for hilarious, foul-mouthed commentary on anything watch worthy.

In the video above, Ozzy Man dropped some of his classic commentary over a viral video of a New York train speeding through snow into the station. The train plowed through the heavy layer of snow, spraying commuters with avalanche-like velocity. 

For the commuters who got hit by the powerful spray, the Ozzy Man prescribes a painkiller and a mid-strength beer. Read more...

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Muslim man verbally harassed in Starbucks shares harrowing experience online

Racism ran rampant at a Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan earlier this week.

On Tuesday, 22-year-old photojournalist, Mohammed Elshamy and his friend were meeting for coffee when they were allegedly verbally harassed by a white woman in the shop because of their race.

Elshamy told Mashable the incident lasted nearly 10 minutes. The following day, he was still shaken up by the comments that were made and decided to share his negative encounter online with over 11,000 Facebook followers.

Elshamy prefaced his post by assuring his followers he was not sharing the personal experience to garner sympathy, but rather to further highlight contemporary racism. Read more...

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New York beats Silicon Valley on diversity, but it’s not perfect


New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, so it makes sense that its tech scene employs more women and minorities than Silicon Valley. But in all, the city does not buck industry trends of underrepresentation, according to a study by the Center for an Urban Future.

The city's tech industry is composed of 40% women and 21% underrepresented minorities, according to the study, citing data pulled from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

That 21% figure is made up of 11% Hispanic and 9% Black employees, with 1% who list themselves as Other. The rest looks a bit closer to what you'd see in the Valley: 62% White and 16% Asian Read more...

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NYC Rises As A Hub For Software-As-A-Service Startups

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.10.18 PM As the market continues to mature, and as we watch a blossoming of SaaS activity in New York City, we believe that NYC is poised to become a genuine leader in the formation of companies leading the next wave of enterprise transformation. Read More

Cities As Platforms

stik-skyline Take a look at the last decade’s fastest-growing companies. You’ll notice they have one thing in common: They’re all platforms.YouTube was not the first video-hosting site, but it was the first to disrupt the stagnating online broadcasting model, creating a platform with digital engagement at its core. And the catalyst for Google’s exponential growth trajectory was when… Read More

Facebook forced to hand over data on hundreds of users to the police


A New York state court ruled Tuesday that Facebook must comply with search warrants from New York prosecutors for information on 381 users

As per the court's decision, Facebook cannot challenge prosecutors' search warrants, which demanded the users' photos, private messages and account data. Individual defendants can challenge a warrant and move for their data to be suppressed by the court, but only after prosecutors receive the evidence

The ruling applies to 381 search warrants served by the Manhattan District Attorney's office in 2013 seeking information on users suspected of Social Security fraud — the largest number of search warrants Facebook has ever received at once. Read more...

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Makerbot’s Saddest Hour

makerbot-mill In the process of growth, startups change. They change from scrappy three-person operations to behemoths with new employees rolling in daily. They go on hiring sprees and the founders no longer know the people sitting at cubicles outside their offices. Bigger companies – Google and the like – start sniffing around. And those changes add up – going from 50 mph to lightspeed is… Read More

One Week Left To Join Mashable’s Real-Life Facebook Wall

We’re decorating our new office with the world’s largest real-life Facebook wall, and you have one week left to be included!

Now that we’re settled into our new digs, we’re just about ready to go to print. We want as many community members as possible to join.

The final deadline to opt in to have your photo on our wall is one week from today: Thursday, Sept. 1. To participate, click the “connect” button below. Follow the prompts through the end to ensure your photo is included in the opt-in list. Then Social Printshop will print a giant poster of you and your fellow Mashable readers’ Facebook avatars.

A big thanks to all our fans who have already participated!

Connect To Participate

We appreciate your readership, community and support, and this is a small way of saying thank you. Here’s a rendering of what the wall might look like.

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Join Mashable’s Real-Life Facebook Wall

We’ve had plans to build the world’s largest real-life Facebook wall at our New York City headquarters for some time — and we still plan to do so.

But in the middle of planning, we found out the wall we intended to adorn would be changing. In fact, all of our walls are — because we’re moving to a new office.

As the Mashable team gets settled into new digs in August, you can help us finish decorating. We’ve extended the deadline to opt in to our real-life Facebook wall to September 1. To participate, click the “connect” button below and we’ll use that to pull your profile picture. Then Social Printshop will print a giant poster of readers’ Facebook avatars.

We hope to connect with as many of you as possible by September 1. A big thanks to all our fans who have already participated!

Connect To Participate

We appreciate your readership, community and support, and this is a small way of saying thank you. Here’s a rendering of what the wall might look.

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