How to Completely Delete Facebook From Your Life


How to delete Facebook from your life

Image: Mashable

If you're seriously considering deleting your Facebook account, you're not alone

Start typing in the letters "dele" into Google and you'll see "delete Facebook account" as a top suggestion. Whether it's to alleviate privacy concerns or avoid digital distractions, more people are trying to figure out how to fully disconnect themselves from the social network giant that we live and breathe

For those ready to call it quits, you're in for a surprise — it's more difficult than you think to erase yourself permanently. With its ever-changing privacy policies, becoming Facebook-free requires more steps than just hitting the delete button and saying goodbye. Read more...

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How to Design Experiments for Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

designing_experimentsRunning experiments on your website, such as testing the copy of a headline or trying out a new color for your call-to-action buttons, is crucial to your online demand generation. These tests help you get definitive answers on what works and what doesn't. But experimental design can seem over-complicated, overwhelming, and time-consuming.  [Read more...]

Play With Google’s Psychedelic New Interactive Music Video Cube

Google Cube It’s called The Cube, and it’s a trip. Built by Google Creative Labs as “an experimental platform for interactive storytelling”, The Cube is an in-browser manipulateable 3-D box with a different video and audio track on each face. It debuted online today with indie dance band The Presets’ new single “No Fun”. You decide what to watch and hear by… Read More

Facebook Faces Investigation in UK Following Emotion-Manipulation Study


Facebook is facing more than just user backlash following news that the social network was purposely trying to manipulate user emotions during a 2012 experiment

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), a data regulator in the United Kingdom, is investigating whether or not Facebook violated data collection laws during a user study more than two years ago, according to the Financial Times

During the study, the social network tweaked the News Feed content of nearly 700,000 users, providing some users with fewer negative terms, and others with fewer positive terms. Users were not alerted that they were being used as test subjects, and the study raised privacy concerns when the data was published Read more...

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Google’s Smarty Pins Lets You Test Your Geography Knowledge

2014-07-01_1306 Here is a random little thing from Google: the company today quietly launched a Google Maps-based quiz game. Smarty Pins allows you to test your geography knowledge through questions in six categories (arts and culture, science and geography, sports, etc.). Read More

Deep Linking Isn’t Taking Off Yet. Can Facebook Change That?


Deep-linking, a technology that lets you use a link to launch a mobile app without going through the welcome screen, has been a hot topic in tech circles recently, but that hasn't translated into actual use.

However, a new move by Facebook on Tuesday may change that. Facebook is now letting developers send users from a mobile ad to a "deep link" within an app, the company announced on a blog post

In April, Facebook announced, a technology that would make it easier for third-party developers to provide deep links. The company reported that since then, developers have enabled more than a billion app links on mobile. Read more...

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Google Buys Songza

google-songza Google has acquired music streaming service Songza after weeks of speculation around a potential buyout. Songza uses information about the user and context to determine the best playlists for you at any given time, all of which are curated by music experts (DJs, Rolling Stones writers, etc.). Read More

Virtual Says It Can Emulate iOS Or Android Devices In The Cloud

photo 2 A new company called Virtual is claiming that it can imitate nearly any Android or iOS device almost perfectly in software, on any platform, with nearly ‘native quality’ performance. It does this with a combination of virtualization and emulation technology and it could change the way that developers test apps. Read More

What Is a CDN? [FAQs]

cdn_serversSo the first thing you'll need for a faster website is a CDN. 

You know what a CDN is right? 

Right! Of course! Why wouldn't I know what it means? It's only a three-letter acronym in a sea of three letter acronyms that all relate somehow to the inner-workings of my business.  [Read more...]

Microsoft Bolsters Encryption For OneDrive And

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.29.53 AM Microsoft announced this morning that it has bolstered the security of several of its digital products, bringing stronger encryption tools to its OneDrive and services. In the wake of revelations that the United States government was tapping the core fiber cables of the Internet, snooping on traffic between the data centers of large technology companies, and working to weaken… Read More
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