Legal Experts Unimpressed with Facebook Oversight Promises


Three months after Facebook was widely criticized for a study into user's emotions, the social network has announced that it will be more careful when doing this type of research in the future.

The company pledged to do things "better" and in "the most responsible way" by giving its researchers "clearer guidelines," better training, and creating an internal review panel. But in the post published on Thursday, Facebook also failed to specify what these new guidelines are and whether they will ask users for consent for sensitive experiments on "deeply personal topics."

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Nobody Can Win The Cloud Pricing Wars

Toy soldiers in front of a toy tank. Earlier this week, Google lowered prices 10 percent across the board on their Google Compute Engine cloud platform . The cost is getting so low, it’s almost trivial for anyone to absorb the costs of running infrastructure in the cloud, but you have to wonder as the cloud pricing wars continue, how low can they go and if it’s a war anyone can win. The end game is obviously zero,… Read More

Brace Yourselves: The Kim Kardashian Game Is Now on Facebook


For those who felt constrained by the fact they could only play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on their phones and tablets, we come bearing good news: Kim K. and her fabulous life (you know, the one in which you suspend disbelief and pretend you're a part of while playing) are now on Facebook.

The game is expanding to the Facebook app store, and comes with the 2.0 content update that allows players to get married in Florence, mirroring Kim's wedding to Kanye West earlier this year. This update also features more quests and outfits, including wedding dresses, tuxedos and rings.

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Why Coupons Work [Infographic]

coupon-couponsMy gym is located next to a Walgreens and across the street from a CVS. When I need headache medication, more shampoo, or a pair of scissors, I always plan my trips to the pharmacy after a sweat session. Which pharmacy do you think I go to?

You might think that I'd go right next door, as Walgreens sometimes has lower prices and it's a more convenient location. [Read more...]

Google Reveals ‘The Physical Web,’ A Project To Make Internet Of Things Interaction App-Less

tango1 Google’s Scott Jenson, an interaction and UX designer who left the company only to return to the Chrome team last November, has revealed a project underway at the company called The Physical Web to provide “interaction on demand” so that people can walk up and use any smart devices without the need for intervening mobile apps. This would make it possible for users to simply… Read More

Google’s Play Newsstand App Makes Reading Print Magazines On Phones Easier

8403970430_30e65702b0_o Google’s Play Newsstand app lets you read news from free and paid sources ranging from blogs and newspapers to The New Yorker and everything in between. The app has been available for Android for about a year and the iOS version launched only a week ago. Today, Google is launching a big update for the Android app that it says is meant to improve the magazine reading experience on phones… Read More

The Ghostwriter’s Go-To Guide for Running Great Interviews

ghostwriting_interviewWe all know that business blogging is one of the core tenets of inbound marketing. It helps drive traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads, establish authority, and ultimately drive long-term, bottom-line results. With all of those benefits, you'd think executives would be lining up at your cube, laptop in hand, ready to blog. [Read more...]

New Data Shows European Marketers Aren’t Lagging Behind North America

three-legged-raceThere's a misconception floating around the marketing world that European marketers are 12-18 months behind their North American counterparts in adopting new marketing paradigms.

While this may have been true in the past, European marketers have progressed in leaps [Read more...]

Prince Hosts Facebook Q&A, Answers Only 1 Question


As it turns out, Prince's understanding of the Internet could makes doves cry.

The artist formerly known as an unpronounceable symbol has finally joined Facebook. The rock icon’s official fan page launched on Tuesday, and has already amassed more than 1.7 million fans. As a reward for his fans' devotion online, Prince decided to host a Q&A session on his page.

Prince Announces Online Q&A on Facebook

Fans flocked to get a rare glimpse during a live web appearance by the notoriously secretive musician. Three hours after the Q&A began, Prince answered his first question. One day later, Prince has still only answered one question.

Prince Gives Q&A Answer On Facebook

Of the nearly 4,000 fan-submitted questions, Prince has still only given a single three-word answer and a link to a random page about sound frequencies. Read more...

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Facebook Apologizes, Promises to Update ‘Real Name’ Policy


Facebook has apologized to users affected by its "real name" policy and said in a statement it will update its policy to allow users to identify themselves by their preferred names, even if it's not their legal name.

In the apology, issued in a lengthy statement from the company's chief product officer, Chris Cox, the company promised to "fix the way this policy gets handled" but didn't provide specifics on how it would do so.

Cox said that the so-called "real name" policy had been in effect for more than 10 years but clarified it "has never been to require everyone on Facebook to use their legal name." Instead, he said, the policy stipulated that "everyone on Facebook uses the authentic name they use in real life." Read more...

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