The Harsh Realities of SEO That No One Tells You

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Want to know the truth about search engine optimization?

You’re being misled. [Read more...]

Are You Bungling Your Blog Homepage Design?

blog_homepage_designsWhen you're first starting a blog for your business, it's easy to forget about its homepage design. You're focused on getting posts up on the blog so you can start ranking in search. You care about placing calls-to-action in your posts. You devote time to distributing your posts on social media to help bring in some more traffic. [Read more...]

Facebook: Here’s Why We Deleted Cheerleader’s Hunting Pics


Facebook came under fire from hunting advocates and gun-rights supporters this weekend when it removed a series of pictures from the account of Kendall Jones, a Texas cheerleader. Jones' pictures showed her posing with a variety of animals she had shot earlier this month on safari in Zimbabwe, such as the leopard, above

It was widely assumed that the pictures were removed in response to widespread outcry from animal-rights groups over Jones' trophy snapshots. But that's not the case, the social network told Mashable — the pictures simply violated Facebook's terms of service

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Facebook Pushes Video Content With New Recommendations Feature


Facebook wants you watching videos. If you already do, it wants you watching more

The social network is testing a new "related videos" feature that surfaces similar, popular videos after you finish watching one in your mobile News Feed

Similar to what you might see on YouTube, once a video is done playing in News Feed, you will have the option to re-watch that video, or select a different, related video from a sampling provided by Facebook. The feature, which is only available to a small group of test users on iOS and Android devices, was first reported by TechCrunch Read more...

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Compromise Will Shape The Wearables Market

IMG_9828 Just as fitness apps and wearables are gaining real traction, the introduction of Android Wear is giving consumers their first maybe-viable smartwatches. In the coming months and years, this new category will force consumers to make a similar decision as that between Microsoft’s unified approach to operating systems and Apple’s intentional divergence of iOS and Mac OS X. Read More

How Wimbledon took Twitter by storm

Ahead of this year’s Wimbledon, the scene was set for a very social tournament. From a giant topiary @handle in the queue to Twitter votes on the big screen at Henman Hill plus 85% of the seeded players already on Twitter, fans tuned in to Twitter to follow along with every game, set and match.

With a over six million Tweets sent over the course of the tournament, it did not disappoint. The most-tweeted about match of the tournament was Sunday’s men’s final, netting a neat one million Tweets during the July 6 clash.

This heat map shows how the world lit up with Tweets as Novak Djokovic (@DjokerNole) beat Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) in a thrilling five-set match:

Click image above to explore the interactive map.

And after a brief moment to collect his thoughts, Djokovic took to the balcony to soak up the applause of the Wimbledon faithful:

And later that evening, Djokovic celebrated:

The final showpiece took place on and off the court, with stars such as @VictoriaBeckham and @SamuelLJackson joining the live pulse of the nation:

Following Saturday’s women’s final between Eugenie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) and Petra Kvitova (@Petra_Kvitova), both players shared their special moments with their Twitter followers:

And whilst she may not have been victorious on the pitch, Bouchard certainly saw her popularity soar over the course of the tournament as she gained over 100,000 followers:

Here’s how that match played out across the world:

Click image above to explore the interactive map.

Before the weekend’s finals, there were many standout moments over the course of the championship.

To start the tournament, defending champion @Andy_Murray sent a personalised Tweet to all fans who tweeted with the message #WelcomeBackAndy:

Actor Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) joined the conversation, proudly posting this selfie with @RafaelNadal, retweeted nearly 4,000 times:

And when @SerenaWilliams, the most-followed sportswoman in the world, was knocked out of the championship with ill health, she thanked her followers for their support:

As the sun sets on SW19 for another year, the tennis world moves on to the next event in the grand slam season. Tennis fans, be sure to tune in with Twitter in late August for the @usopen, and from the first hawk-eye challenge to the final winner, once again you’ll be sure not to miss a moment of the action.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Better Facebook Ads [Infographic]

new_facebook_ads_featureDon't think you have an audience on Facebook? Facebook has 1.3 billion users of pretty much every age, job title, hobby, and socioeconomic status. Most brands can develop an audience on Facebook -- they just need to figure out who their audience is and how to reach them.

[Read more...]

8 Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

blogging_beginnerSometimes, when I tell people that I blog for a living, they roll their eyes. "That's so easy," they say. "You get a paycheck for sitting on the internet all day and writing. A monkey could do your job!"

That's when I roll my eyes. See, people are quick to deem blogging as a no-brainer job ... [Read more...]

Virality: How Does It Work and Why Do We Share?


We share things online every day — a cool DIY project, something that made us laugh, or a picture of a cute animal. We propel our ideas into the vast space known as the Internet, and become one tiny factor of a much larger process known as virality

Why are we compelled to do this?

In our latest Mashable Explains video, we take a look at virality and memes, and discuss why the web is the perfect environment for ideas to spread.

Check out the video above to learn more about virality, and make sure to subscribe to Mashable on YouTube for more.

BONUS: Mashable Explains the Internet of Things

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Bye-Bye Brainteasers: 9 Interview Questions You Actually Should Ask Candidates

interview-questionsWhy are manhole covers round? How many times heavier than a mouse is an elephant? How many golf balls can you fit in a school bus?

Most hiring managers have heard about using these "creative" questions to identify the best candidates. [Read more...]

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